Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Yeager Constitutional Arms

Yeager Constitutional Arms is a family owned local gunshop, located 13 miles from the farm in Henryville, Indiana. For the second consecutive year, the shop is generously sponsoring the Woodland Indian Educational Program demonstration. Jessica and Mark will demonstrate Native American syrup and maple sugar making at the festival. Their program is extremely entertaining and educational for all ages. 

As a special promotion this year, we will offer customers with a valid receipt from Yeager Constitutional Arms 10% off any purchase in our Sugarstore during the festival. In turn, Yeager Constitutional Arms is offering a 10% discount on ammunition and a 5% discount off firearm purchases with a valid receipt from LM Sugarbush. Please ask for this offer at checkout. 

We are extremely grateful for their generous sponsorship. 

Yeager Constitutional Arms
3180 South Pixley Knob Road
Pekin, Indiana 

Please check out their Facebook! 

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