Monday, June 22, 2015

Dog Days of Summer

Blink an eye and it’s been a few months since my last blog post. I’m
such a bad blogger!!

Nothing new or exciting to report, hence the lack of posting. We have
settled into our off season routine. I go to the
Indianapolis/Bloomington area about three times every two months for
deliveries. Jen and Nic do all of the Louisville area deliveries over
lunch or after work. We mow a lot of grass at the farm. It’s HOT.

We have been extremely busy in our personal lives as well, away from
the farm. Robert works with a general contracting firm specializing in
new residential construction. He has close to 20 houses in various
stages of development, with more on the way. He is contracting his
first home on his own this summer, which he is very excited about!

Mason is out of preschool for the summer so we have been spending a
lot of time playing outside, swimming and camping. We are very
fortunate that my sister-in-law is a teacher and has the summer off.
Mason spends the day with her while I’m working and they have a ton of

Jen has been busy showing her horse. She recently completed her first
Preliminary event at the Indiana Eventing Association Horse Trials.
Her next competition is at the Kentucky Horse Park the second weekend
in July. We camp at most of her shows throughout the summer and I’m
her “minion” at the shows.

We had planned on hosting a Spring/Summer open house day at the farm,
but with our busy schedules, we haven’t had a good weekend between the
4 of us. Hopefully we can plan one in the fall. We do syrup sales by
appointment at the farm and ship world wide all year.Just call or send us an email if you need to get a hold of us!!